Review: Tampa Coffee Club

I love coffee. That, alone, should come as no surprise. But, I don’t just love coffee for the caffeine, I love it for the amazing beverage it is, and the wild array of flavors than can come out of that little roasted bean. Coffee today is enjoying the same type of renaissance that beer did decades ago. Where craft beer emerged with a focus on quality, style and new and interesting tastes, so has craft coffee emerged with a focus on the best beans available.

Micro coffee roasters are popping up everywhere today. In Tampa alone, we have 22 different small roasters here (I know, right?), roasting incredibly varied and high quality beans. With this kind of surge in new coffees, how are you going to sample them all and find your favorites?

Enter Tampa Coffee Club. Tampa Coffee Club is a relatively new service, based locally here in Tampa, that sends monthly subscription boxes of micro-roasted coffee from right here in the Bay area. I was recently sent one of their boxes to check out, and I’ve got to tell you - I’m damn impressed.

How It Works

Once you sign up for the service, you’ll get a monthly box of some of the best coffee you can find. Each box is carefully packed, and delivered at the absolute peak of freshness. This stuff isn’t sitting in some warehouse for months, it was roasted literally days before you receive it. You can sign up for a personal subscription, or even one for the office, for all you corporate coffee geeks.

What’s In The Box

Tampa Coffee Club box

Alright, let’s get down to brass tacks. This box is really well put together. No space has been wasted, and the experience as you unbox the coffee is befitting the beans you’re about to consume.

Each box contains a few parts to it. First is a card welcoming you for the month, handwritten, nicely done. This is a great touch that underscores the fact that this is a family business.

Tampa Coffee Club Welcome Card

Once you get inside the box, a few things await you. The coffee itself, a wonderful little bag with stirrers (handmade by Tampa Coffee Club out of old coffee bean bags!), and a Roasters Vitals card, giving you information about each roaster.

Tampa Coffee Club Box Contents

I love this card, as it makes drinking the coffee just that much more interesting. Plus, you’re learning about local roasters you’ve probably never heard of.

The coffee you get comes in three, 5-oz bags (for the personal subscription, larger for the office subscription), each of which is tightly sealed to keep air out, and features an array of information on the front of the bag.

Tampa Coffee Club Coffee Bags

Overall, here’s a look at the full set that you get each month:

Tampa Coffee Club Full Box

The Verdict

I have to tell you, I’m in love with everything about Tampa Coffee Club. First, I had NO idea there were this many great roasters in town, and I’m extremely excited that someone is helping them to get noticed. Secondly, the coffee in the box is absolutely incredible. Like, some of the best coffee I’ve ever had (and yes, I’ve spent time up in the Pacific Northwest, including Seattle). I’m not just stretching it here, this is some unreal stuff. Finally, the quality of the presentation and the delivery is absolutely top notch, all from a local family here working to help get better coffee in peoples’ cups. What’s not to love?!

If you’re into coffee, I’d highly recommend you sign up for this. These guys are doing some incredible things, and the quality of the coffee is absolutely off the charts.

Are you a Tampa Coffee Club subscriber? What do you think? What are some of your favorite coffees that they’ve sent to you?

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