How to Turn Off Facebook Live Notifications

Facebook Live is pretty cool, but unfortunately, when Facebook rolled it out, they set the notifications to default to “on” for what they call “interesting videos”. In my case, it meant I kept getting notifications on my Facebook mobile app (and desktop), only to find that it was for live videos I didn’t give a shit about. If you find yourself in the same boat, here’s how to turn them off for good:

First, click on your user menu in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and then click on “Settings”:


In the lefthand sidebar, click “Notifications”:


Now, notifications can be toggled for mobile, desktop, email and text separately. Depending on how much you want to shut these notifications out, you’ll have to do this in more than one spot. Let’s look at the desktop version (“On Facebook”). The steps are the same for mobile as well. Click on “On Facebook” to go into the notification settings for the desktop experience:

notifications desktop

Here we are! Scroll down to the “Live Videos” item under “What You Get Notified About”, and set it to “All Off” if you want to kill them entirely. My guess is that “Suggestions Off” will only notify you when friends are streaming, so choose how aggressive you want it to be, and you’re good to go!

live videos

Facebook Live is cool, but the notifications (especially suggestions for people I didn’t know) were a bit much. Hopefully this’ll help you quiet down the ‘book as well!

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