How I Increased my Water Intake by 500%

Everyone needs to drink more water. As a society, we’re loafing around perpetually dehydrated, and there’s no doubt the health benefits of drinking more water. Not just that, but the old adage that we need 8 cups a day has been proven wrong. Nowawadays, we need 1/2 to 1 ounce per pound of body weight. That’s a lot of water, and almost all of us aren’t getting it.

For me, I wasn’t drinking enough water because I just didn’t remember to. It’s not that I dislike water. I crush Coconut LaCroix like it’s going out of style, but I get wrapped up in my day-to-day, and just forget to pound a bottle of the stuff. The secret? Make it easier to drink more water.

Enter my buddy Eric.

The other day, at my coworking space, I remarked on Eric filling up his Nalgene bottle of water. It’s huge, like, 48oz huge. He told me he was on his third bottle of the day, usually averaging about four per day before he left the office. I knew I needed to drink more water, so I went straight to my office and ordered two of them, one for me and one for my wife. Here’s what I’m rocking now:

48oz Nalgene Bottle

This is the one that I bought.

First day out, I drank 192oz without even thinking - that’s four bottle fills. 192oz. Up from around 36oz a day (3 LaCroixs). That’s OVER 500% IMPROVEMENT.

Why Does This Work So Well?

Here’s the secret. The reason I didn’t drink enough water (and I suspect many people are the same) is that it was inconvienent. When I’m at my desk jamming away, I get in a groove and don’t want to get up. If I’m crushing on a 12oz can of LaCroix, I’ll put it down in minutes, but because I’m focused, I won’t get back up for a few hours. There’s too much friction. When things are difficult, we don’t do them. Thus, it was difficult to remember to refill my water, and I didn’t do it.

The 48oz bottle changes the game. Because it’s so big, I only have to refill it 4 times. And, because it’s always sitting there, it’s habit to just occasionally pick it up and take a swig. Also, because it’s so much water, I’m hitting the bathroom a bit more often, which is making me get up, which reminds me to refill if I’m empty.

Turns out, size does matter.

So, it you’re looking to drink more water, forget the fancy reminders and the apps. Get a larger vessel, and you’ll instantly start drinking more. If you want to get the one I’ve got, you can grab it here. Can’t recommend it enough (and it’s cheap, under $15)!

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