Sales is User Research, Undercover

When you do a demo or sales call, what’s your goal? Closing the deal and getting the sale, right? Generally, that’s going to happen a fraction of the time, due to the nature of how sales goes.

And, most salespeople will chalk that call up to a failure, or at the very least, not a good investment of their time.

But there’s another way to think of sales calls that turn every single one of them into incredibly valuable time spent.

Think of a sales call as user research, and the entire game changes.

Thinking of a sales call as a user research opportunity changes the entire tenor of the conversation. Instead of starting by launching into your demo and canned pitch, you start with questions:

  • Tell me about what you do.
  • What is difficult about your role?
  • You scheduled time for a demo with me. Talk to me about what piqued your interest.
  • What other solutions are you using today to solve this problem? Where do they fall short?

…and so on.

As objections come up, instead of replying with your canned ways around those objections, ask questions like “So, tell me more about why that’s important”, so you can better understand where the need is coming from, and get a richer view of the people you’re speaking with.

It’s easy to chalk sales up to being just churn-and-burn calls to try to nail a close ratio, but it’s missing a far more valuable part of the conversation. If you approach every call thinking of it as an opportunity to learn more about the person you’re talking to, even if they don’t become a customer right away, you’ll walk away from every sales call with a victory.

If you’re looking to make either your sales pipeline or your user research process easier to manage, check out what we’re doing here at CrowdSync.

And, we’d love to chat with you to better understand your needs too - just schedule a demo with us.

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