Why I'm Cold Emailing You

I’ve been cold emailing people. In fairly large batches (~50 a day). In fact, you probably got one of my emails. Hopefully this post will share what the other side of that email editor is like.

Most people hate getting cold emails (guess what - so do I). So, why am I doing this?

Because, I want to talk to you.

This isn’t about sales, it’s about understanding. Sure, do I want you to use my product, CrowdSync? Absolutely. But really only if it helps solve your problems.

And these cold emails, and the calls I’m asking you to jump on (thanks in advance for the time, btw, I know how precious it is), they help me better understand and hopefully make something that you’ll love.

I actually hate sending out cold emails, but it’s one of the most effective methods I have at getting in front of you.

Startup Marketing is Hard

Starting something - anything - is hard. Incredibly hard. Getting attention, and getting in front of the people who you think might be ideal customers, is an incredibly difficult thing to do.

Sure, traditional marketing tactics, like content marketing (which we try to do as much as we can of), advertising and social media are helpful. But they’re not as effective, nor as targeted, as just emailing the people who I think might make great customers. It costs me far less to just email you, than it does to mount an expensive campaign that my startup can’t afford.

It’s OK to Say No

You can probably imagine the responses I get to the emails I send out. They vary, from “This is great, I’d love to chat!”, to “F&^$ off please”. Comes with the territory.

When you get my email, it’s fine to just email me back, and let me know you’re not interested. All good. It’s just me, Justin, trying to see if what we made could help you. Not a fit? No big deal.

We’re Both Just People, Trying to Make Our Way

At the end of the day, you and I are both just trying to do the best we can. We’re trying to make an impact, provide for our families, and do something we’re proud of.

I co-founded CrowdSync as a way to help people make it easier to deal with the logistics of getting people through a process.

That email I sent you? That’s just me, trying to share what we’ve done, in hope that you’ve got a problem we can help solve.

Just trying to make our way.

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