I Launched a New Podcast, and I Want You to Call In

I’ve always loved talk radio. You know, the shows where the radio host has people call in, either with questions (ala Car Talk or The Dave Ramsey Show), or topics to discuss (like every political or sports show out there).

So, I’ve launched a podcast just like that, called Design By Committee. It’s dedicated just to answering your questions and chatting about UX, product design, content, strategy and anything else that has to do with tech.

I’m joined on the show by my co-host, Matthew Grocki, one of the world’s foremost experts in content and digital strategy. Matt and I have both been designing and building products for nearly 20 years, for companies that range from small startups to the Fortune 10.

Now, we want to bring that expertise to you. Consider this your chance at a little free consulting, or hell, just a chance to vent about some stuff you’re going through on your projects. Or, want an outsider’s opinion you can bring a recorded version of to your team? Gotcha covered.

First Time, Long Time

Our show is powered by listener questions and discussion, so we can’t do the show without you. We want you to call in, chat with us, and help make this one of the most interactive and fun podcasts about tech in the world.

To call in, simply dial 813-485-4866. You’ll get a voicemail. Leave your information, and we’ll work with you to schedule you on the show. If you’re not the calling type, you can email us at ask@dbcshow.com, and shoot us your questions there.

Subscribe and Follow

To subscribe to the podcast, just visit dbcshow.com, where you’ll find links to iTunes, Google Play Music, and Stitcher. Make sure you subscribe!

To follow what we’re doing on Twitter, you can check us out at @thedbcshow.

We can’t wait to talk to you on air, and help you out with anything you’re struggling with, or anything you want to just vent about or kick around.

Talk with you soon!

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