How To Get a Job Offer

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I wish I could find a job”, you need to read this.

If you’ve ever said to yourself “I wish I could find a better job”, you need to read this.

Frankly, if you’ve ever had a job, or ever will, you probably need to read this.

This is your secret to how to get a job offer. And it’s stupid simple.

Just get good at something.

Honestly, that’s it. Get good at something - really good - and let enough people know you’re doing that, and jobs show up.

Getting Good at Something

Getting good at something is just about working your damn ass off to learn a skill. That’s really it. Pour yourself into something - anything - and get good at it.

Interested in sales? Get good at that. Interested in car repair? Get good at that. Interested in puzzles? Get good at that. Interested in sports? Get good at that.

This isn’t hard. Find something you love, that the world also values to some degree. Pour yourself into it, get good at it. Nights, weekends, spare time - whatever you have to do. Read, work, play, experiment, volunteer - just find ways to get better.

(BTW, know that you suck at first, acknowledge it, be humble, and keep grinding. You’ll get there. We’re all horrible at things that other people are incredible at. That’s how the world works.)

Telling People About It

Honestly, just talk about what you do. Engage in conversations with others in your industry (who you don’t currently work with), and talk about what you’re up to. The challenges, the cool discoveries, the random things. You don’t have to talk about the fact you’re learning, you’re working on it. Just talk. Make people know you’re interested in this thing.

Get the Job Offer

That’s it. Get good at something (this takes time), and talk about it. Repeat.

Think it won’t work? Here’s a great example. A designer on Twitter who sadly lost her job in the COVID-19 situation. She posted about it, and had OVER 300 job offers

  • or at least invites - from a litany of big startups who would probably offer her even a better job than she had previously.

Here’s the point. This is how it works, with almost no exception (nepotism and grudges notwithstanding). Do the work, get good, let people know, and watch the job offers roll in.

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