Default Yes vs. Default No

There are two types of people in the world: default yes people, and default no people.

Default yes people look for ways to make things work. They take a challenge, and approach it with the attitude that it’s a puzzle to figure out. They enjoy getting things to work, pushing boundaries, and taking risks.

Default no people look for ways that things won’t work. They look at schedules, rules, regulation and other ways to support the default no viewpoint. Everything is difficult and time-consuming, and caution needs to be taken always.

Both of these folks are necessary. Without default yes people, we’d never innovate, we’d never find creative and new ways to push society. Without default no people, the default yes people would likely drag us into anarchy. They keep things between the rails, ensure everyone is marching in step.

When it comes to launching a product, or innovating, which one of these do you want on your team?

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